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Our Services


At Bruns Gelles & Co, the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.

Please see our areas of specialization for a listing of the types of services we are most frequently asked to provide.


All successful businesses rely on accurate and timely accounting information. At Bruns Gelles & Company, PC, dedicated and experienced staff members provide a full range of accounting, tax preparation, and financial planning services for individuals and businesses, on a temporary or long-term basis. Our clients receive personalized, quality, and timely services designed to meet their unique needs.

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offers the following services:

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At Bruns Gelles & Company, PC, we provide compilation, review, and audit services to our clients, whether they are ongoing services or for a temporary, special need. We offer timely management information for optimum business profitability. Our services include preparation of general ledgers, financial statements, payroll returns, amortization and depreciation schedules, and other small business support assistance.

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other parties. Our firm also prepares customized financial reports for internal managerial use. Our staff is always available to answer any questions about the services provided at Bruns Gelles & Company, PC.

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As tax advisors, Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offer expertise, accuracy, and experience. We view our relationship with our clients as an ongoing partnership, striving to provide quality, up-to-date return preparation and advice. We continue our professional educations, supplying our clients with the most current tax law information to minimize current tax liabilities and maximize future opportunities..

Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of an overall business or personal strategy, Bruns Gelles & Company, PC will assist each client to decrease current and future tax liabilities.

Whether serving individual clients or multi--tiered corporations or partnerships, the Bruns Gelles & Company, PC staff offers personal tax planning and preparation to our unique and varied clients. We accurately and efficiently prepare tax returns for individuals and various types of entities that include estate and gift tax returns, fiduciary, and non-profit returns. We also provide state tax services for most states.

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Third parties, relying on financial statements, often require an audit for assurance of an organization's liquidity and regulatory compliance, along with other aspects of non¬financial information. Bruns Gelles & Company, PC issues audit, review, and compilation reports and compliance statements for a variety of industries. As independent auditors, we evaluate the financial position of an organization, verify the results of operations, and note any changes in the financial position. Following an audit, we recommend strategic planning tactics, internal control improvements, and innovative ideas where appropriate.

When conducting an audit, we examine a company's financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. An audit requires us to examine internal controls and to complete substantial testing of the information underlying the financial statements. Finally, we document our opinion as to whether the statements are fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

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In the diverse world of business, often companies find it difficult to manage all of the functions required to operate their business. Many turn to a trusted and accessible business partner to handle their payroll services. Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offers payroll services that include calculating the payroll checks to filing the necessary tax returns.

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Effective management of financial affairs requires extensive knowledge, organization, and constant vigilance. Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offers a complete range of consulting and advisory services to assist with the complexities of financial planning. We care about our clients and strive to form lasting relationships by providing beneficial information, access to a wide variety of current resources, and a proactive commitment to serving each client's needs.

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC offers estate planning for those who wish to prepare for the future or make arrangements to leave business or personal wealth to the next generation. We create a custom plan and work closely with all involved individuals to transfer property and minimize the tax impact on our clients and their heirs.

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC financial planning services include:

  • Investment Consulting
  • Financial Planning to Achieve Specific Goals
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning
  • Insurance Consulting
  • Educational Financial Planning

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Bruns Gelles & Company, PC provides complete money management services through our affiliation with Hefren-Tillotson, Inc. We offer a wide variety of investment choices and options to meet our clients' investment goals.

*Employer Retirement Plans

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC provides, designs, implements, and administrates a diverse set of retirement plans through our affiliate, Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.

*Wealth Management Assistance

Bruns Gelles & Company, PC specializes in high-level investment advice and management.

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Growth businesses may require the services of the CPAs at Bruns Gelles & Company, PC to provide complete oversight of their accounting function. Outsourcing is an ideal solution for startup businesses but also for fast-growth companies that rely on strategic partners for numerous services. We, at Bruns Gelles & Company, PC can provide that invaluable partnership.

Financial Calculators

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